Employee Benefits

A healthy workforce is a happy, productive workforce.

River Oaks Insurance will help employers develop and implement a Plan to suit their business, their employees and their budget.

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    Market Review Consulting

    A market survey will be conducted for a new or existing program on behalf of an employer to ensure their needs are best being served by the incumbent carrier. If a decision is made to move to another insurer or amend the program, the transition will be made as effortlessly as possible.

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    Renewal Analysis

    Each year, an in-depth analysis renewal report will be presented to review the previous year’s performance. This report will outline the program’s financial arrangements, plan design and rate structure. In addition to the annual review, a quarterly update on the claims performance and trending of their benefits program will be provided.

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    Plan Design Effectiveness

    There will be ongoing discussions as to whether the current plan design is tax effective or could alter plan design in order to contain costs. Benefits fraud, biologic drugs and disability management are other areas of concern which are often reviewed. Also keeping abreast of new and innovative products and processes are part of leading edge solutions.

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    Executive Benefits

    A review of the current benefit program, can determine if any shortfalls exist where coverage for the Executive team is concerned. We will review customized solutions to meet each specific client’s needs. (eg. Disability Top up, Executive Health Assessments, Best Doctors)


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